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Winter's third year of life brought happiness and near normality back to our family.  Her choking and crying spells grew less and less and we began to enjoy her smiles, precious giggles, and beginning speech, as our attention grew away from the medical difficulties and more to the wonderful gift that we had been given.  Winter loves to play "board games," her favorite being Chutes and Ladders.  "How 'bout you check the soots, Mommy, and I check the radders?"   She loves doing puzzles and reading books, along with watching plenty of Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer shows!  The winter months proved to be trying, as Winter struggled with colds, ear infections, and sinus infections, along with a significant amount of pain from the reflux, exhibited with more crying through the nights.  But with the return of nicer weather, came the return of more happy and healthy days!  Now we are again praising God for another year with our most precious and cherished, Winter Hope!  Winter is currently med-free, and only uses Mylanta on those late night snacks or inappropriate foods!