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2003 proved to be a banner year for our Winter Hope!  In April of this year, Winter had an extensive sleep study with ph probe at CHOPS, and this showed no abnormalities; thus, we took her off the pulse ox and oxygen with confidence.  We did, however, put her back on zantac because of some difficult nights and a few scary choking incidents.

This past summer we saw her ped GI doctor for what hopefully will be the last time (no more regular visits needed to be scheduled!).  Winter is doing very well on her zantac, and has only had one scary choking problem this month (March, 2004).

On January 13 our sweetie turned 5 years old, and we had a grand celebration with her friends.  Daddy and I cried our way through that party, as we watched our precious one running, jumping, and playing with her friends.  She's a big girl, and we thank God continually for these 5 years.

Winter also became a big sister this past year in October (you can visit Toby's page from Winter's "home" page).  Winter loves her baby sister and has been wonderful giving advice and showing baby Toby how to take her zantac, as Toby also struggles with reflux, only on a much lesser scale.  My favorite remark from Winter to Toby when she was screaming one morning was:  "It's ok baby Toby, I know it hurts, but when it comes back up just swallow it back down with your spit like I do."  :)