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Fall, 2009:  Winter is now 10 years old and has just started the 6th grade.  She is doing very well in school and learning so much!

Winter continues to take medicine for her reflux, but it is so good to report that she has had NO, zero, none “episodes” for almost a year now!!!  Before this, she had continued to have trouble with choking and being unable to breathe every other month or so.  She would turn dark red and I, of course, would go into panic mode, but God has seen fit each and every time to help her through those scary times.  


In the spring Winter played soccer with the Rose Tree Soccer Club for the first time.  All her older brothers and sisters have played, but the ped and her father and I were precautious in allowing her to play, because often her choking would occur when she was running or playing hard.  However, Winter did very well in the spring and is now playing the longer, fall season of soccer.  


This past summer Winter went on her first ever “sleep over,” and did so well that she went on her second sleep over a few weeks ago!   I can’t thank God enough for the protection He gave her, and also for the great Moms who took such good care of her when I was not present.  Thank you Linda and Kim!


Ten years later I am so happy and so thankful to write that Winter

Hope is doing very well.   She still complains of stomach pain and “things coming up,” still takes medicine for this, and I still carry an “emergency med” in my purse, but we are praising God for such a beautiful and healthy ten year old girl!