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The Baby Who Never Slept...

"...The Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him."  Psalm 34:8


"Truly God is good..."  Psalm 73:1

Toby means "God is good," and truly God is good to us, in allowing this beautiful child to join our family after a heart-breaking miscarriage.  We are blessed indeed.

The "Faith" comes in believing, without understanding, that God knows what is best and loves this precious one more than we do, despite the hours of crying and continuous sleepless nights.  Our very faith is being tested, as we continue on to find the answers for Toby's comfort (and sleep!), believing God knows best through it all, and trusting Him to give the strength needed to carry on.

(Winter Hope’s baby sister)

Toby Faith was born October 19, 2003.  It was a long 9 months, filled with apprehension and fear in possibly losing another baby, however, we had no complications and ended the pregnancy with our shortest labor and easiest delivery.  Toby Faith was safely here, and how we all rejoiced in welcoming her to our family!

Toby's big sister, Winter Hope, had struggled with reflux since birth, causing us much anxiety and fear wondering what each day would hold, as she would frequently stop breathing.   We were concerned Toby would also have these struggles, because her first days were accompanied with severe gagging, spitting up, choking, and even burping and throwing up out her nose.  Praise God, though, Toby never stopped breathing to the point of turning blue like her sister, for which we praised and thanked God many times.  

Toby's reflux problems are very different from the problems her older sister struggled with.   As Winter Hope would struggle with sleep apnea, Toby Faith struggles with just sleeping.  She never sleeps.  That sounds like an exaggeration, but she rarely sleeps longer than 20 minutes (day and night), without waking screaming in pain.

Update:  Toby Faith slowly grew out of her reflux and crying.  It was a huge adjustment for us when we
finally decided to move her big girl bed into another room.  There were many months where she would
begin sleeping in her bed, but would wake within a few minutes crying and come in to sleep with us.  The
past 4-5 months she has been staying in her bed, with only occasionally coming in crying that her tummy
hurts or “something is coming up.”  Finally, at age 5, Toby Faith is able to sleep as much as 6 hours at
night!  Praise the Lord!

This year she has started 1st grade and is loving it.  She is growing up to be a big girl, and we are so proud
of her.